Darjeeling - The World's Nicest Place

Darjeeling is the world's nicest place. The small tea-growing hill station in India is famous for its premium teas, but it is also home to unique cultures and people.

Some say it's because the people are nicer, others say it's the good weather and while others think it's the tea that makes Darjeeling so nice. But there's more to this place than meets the eye. This small town, perched on the lap of the Himalayas at an average elevation of about 2,042 meters above sea level is culturally and ethnically diverse.

These are the reasons why Darjeeling is the World’s Nicest Place:

1. Strong Community:  All strong communities share a common purpose. Kindness and affinity are our common values, purpose and motivation. No matter what befalls this small town the people come together and overcome anything that comes our way.

2. Beautiful Weather: Often referred to as the Queen of the Hills the Darjeeling weather completely lives up to this title. It is often pleasant, the air is different here and on a sunny day when Kanchenjunga decides to unveil itself the hills come alive.

3. Friendly Locals: It isn’t just the amazing view in the backdrop that adds to the charm of this hill station. It also has to do with its amazing people. When you arrive in Darjeeling for the first time, you will notice how special this place is. You’ll experience great hospitality at every corner and feel like you've known your new friends forever - and really, Darjeeling brings out a lot of kindness and good vibes.

4. Rich History: Chosen as a sanatorium for British soldiers. Darjeeling is steeped in history and tradition, this is a place rich with natural beauty, culture and music. It is an ideal destination for people who seek peace, tranquillity but also a peek into times gone by.

5. Good Amenities: There are plenty of places you can visit in Darjeeling. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses have started their own ventures – cafes, stores, adventure services and the like. If you are also planning on workations (work + vacation) many places provide free Wi-Fi and of course some free company while you complete all tasks at work. Another cool thing about Darjeeling is the walkability of the town infrastructure. You can take a stroll to the bank, restaurants, zoo, tea gardens, and actually everywhere. We assure you that its going to be wonderful walk around our scenic town.


Darjeeling is a safe, enchanting place – perfect for all kinds of people and families. But it’s also affordable! Come visit the lovely town of Darjeeling. The nicest place on earth.

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